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Home Security Alarms

Home security alarms is one of the bestHome Security Alarms additional security investments that you can make to protect your residence from break-ins and other illegal intrusions. Home security alarms may not physically strengthen the doors or windows of your house from infiltration by burglars but their security capabilities are nevertheless useful in most households. The main function of a home security alarm is to notify the house owner, as well as other people nearby if possible, if an illegal intrusion of residence is taking place. Its second function is to discourage the attempting robber from entering the house now that his or her cover has been blown.


Home security alarms uses various motion-sensing technologies to detect if a person has entered a protected premises. Indoor home security alarm systems uses infrared, radio frequencies, microwave, and photo-electric beams to detect a movement inside a building. There are also alarms that detect the sound of glass breaking which can be very useful on windows and glass doors. Some alarm systems even detect smoke, heat, and carbon dioxide which provides added protection against these hazards.

If you plan to purchase home security alarms for your residence, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before choosing which model to invest in. One of it is whether you need a hardwired alarm system or a wireless alarm system. Hardwired alarm systems are usually more sophisticated and reliable but they are quite difficult to install on houses that are already furnished since you have to route the wires. On the other hand, wireless alarm systems are very easy to install, can be conveniently placed in anywhere, and since they are battery powered, they can operate even during power outages where you are most vulnerable. However, a wireless alarm system has combined components that can be easily deactivated by a burglar.

Another special consideration when choosing a home security alarms is the particular nightly behavior of your household. If you have pets, make sure that the home security alarm that you will obtain are able to distinguish between animals and persons to prevent false alarms. Also you have to consider if there are people in your household who likes to get up in the middle of the night or if there is someone who goes home late, as they can trigger the alarm as well. Make sure that your home security alarm system have additional keypads as needed by your household members.