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Home Security Sensors

Home security motion sensors are important components of any home security system. WhatHome Security Sensors they do is they detect if there is a person that is moving within a protected zone and once it does, it will trigger an alarm to notify the owner of the house about the intrusion. These devices are usually battery powered and therefore they can be conveniently placed in vantage areas. This article will discuss the several types of home security motion sensors that you can use to protect your property from break-ins.


The most common type of home security motion sensor are infrared motion detectors. The sensors detect infrared radiation emitted by body heat. Unlike ultrasonic detectors and microwave detectors, infrared motion sensors are passive in a sense that they do not have to generate and radiate their own energy to detect a movement.

Another type of home security motion sensors are dual technology motion sensors. They still mainly use infrared technology to detect movement but they also utilize combination of other technologies like microwave, glass break detectors, and photoelectric detectors, resulting in a better and more accurate detection rates while minimizing the instances of false alarms.

Meanwhile, the most common types of home security motion sensors are wall mounted and therefore they can be ineffective in rooms where there are shelves and other tall furniture. In these situations, it is best to use a ceiling mount motion detector. While they are quite harder to install than wall mounted motion sensors, they can provide a wider coverage to a room that has a lot obstacles that can be used as a hiding place by a burglar.

There are also home security motion sensors that are specially designed for the outside of your house. While they are more expensive than their indoor counterparts, they can provide better detection range, have a weather-proof casing that can withstand rugged conditions, and do not trigger false alarms caused by the sunlight.

Finally, there are also home security motion sensors that are pet-friendly which is ideal for households that have animals in it. These motion sensors only trigger their alarms when it detects a movement caused by a size of a person. This is really helpful as it will not set off false alarms when your pet moves about in your house during the night.