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Smoke Alarm Legislation (NT)

All homes built after 1 January 1997 must be fitted with a hard-wired photo-electric smoke alarm connected to 240 volt mains power. Additionally, a back-up battery must be installed. It is the legal responsibility of all owners and landlords to install working smoke alarms.

Residential homes constructed before 1 January 1997 need only have 9 volt battery powered smoke alarms installed. However, if you plan to renovate or extend your house, your building certifier will determine if you need a smoke alarm connected to 240 volt mains power.

It is a Northern Territory fire services requirement that you use photo-electric smoke alarms when installing or replacing existing smoke alarms.

All Northern Territory homes must have a smoke detector.

It is also a requirement of the Northern Territory Government that all N.T. homes are fitted with a working smoke detector. Smoke detectors save lives by providing homeowners with early warning about house fires. Fitting a hard-wired smoke detector in your home will help protect your family.

Expert advice

Commtech Security can provide expert advice on the appropriate location of your hard-wired smoke detector. Depending on the layout of your home, it may be necessary to install more than one smoke detector to provide sufficient warning.

Get the best protection

Hard-wired smoke detectors which are incorporated into a monitored alarm system provide the best fire protection for your home. If the alarm is triggered whilst you're not at home or asleep, the Commtech monitoring centre will alert you and the authorities (unlike a standard smoke detector which will just beep without contacting anyone