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An alarm as an integral part of a security system is almost a given these days.

And given the advances in technology over thecommtech services past few years it has become less intrusive and far more reliable.

The key to a reliable alarm system is threefold, firstly the quality of the equipment that you choose to install. Secondly the care taken when it is installed, And lastly how it is maintained .

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A lot of our customers come to us saying that they have a security system, but they do not turn it on... This is usually due to the fact that the system has a small problem with one of its sensors and that small fault renders the entire system useless.



But there is nothing more upsetting than having a security system that you have not turned on and getting robbed.

We guarantee that the systems we install do not false alarm and we specialise in repairing faulty systems that do.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of systems for security that are designed to protect life and property. Almost all have taken on a common presence, which is due in some part to the fact that they have become increasingly less expensive to utilize.

As an example, consider that a good, basic home security system can be purchased and installed for less than $2000 in many cases.

At any rate, it is helpful when it comes to discussing security to think of the object to be protected as being the centre of the effort and the security systems as being the rings or circles that surround the object. For example, consider a home and then levels of security that will be stacked around at home to protect it. This could be a fence, security lighting, CCTV and a monitored alarm.

Any good system for security today will employ different kinds of technology to not only monitor the goings on but also to alert those who need to be alerted to possible issues in order that they be assessed and then dealt with

Motion sensors are important, because they are increasingly used in just about any home security system these days, both inside the home and around the perimeter where they may be used to trip exterior lighting or turn on CCTV cameras and video monitors. They will also be used to sound an alert to those inside and to an exterior security monitoring company.

In just about every instance -- no matter the kind or type of security system under discussion -- there will be some sort of alert or alarm that will have a central place in the security system. It may deliver instantaneous notification of some problem going on, or it may serve to turn on some other part of the security function.

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